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Things I want….

… that The Man has vetoed.

I love having a guy who likes to have a say in how we decorate the house.  But there have definitely been a few times when I wish he didn’t have as much of an opinion… like when I wanted these things and was brutally rebuffed.  Bonus points for knowing that cinema reference.

Painted kitchen cabinets

When we first bought our house, the kitchen was the one room that very obviously needed updating.  We bought new appliances, since there were none, but that was all.  I wanted to paint the cabinets (NOT hot pink), but The Man is anti-painting wood, so he nixed that idea pretty quickly (um…. they were already painted white when we moved in, so I don’t see the difference, but…)  We settled for just changing the hardware.


Maybe it comes from my love of fabric and patterns, but I LOVE wallpaper.  I know it gets this bad rap for being tacky and outdated, but there are some seriously beautiful prints out there!  I would put it in every room if I could.  Unfortunately for me, The Man disagrees.  I’m still dying to use it and I think he has agreed to painting the inside of the kitchen cabinets, so I’m hoping I can convince him to use wallpaper inside instead.


Isn’t it pretty??  I love how it’s unexpected and since we don’t have glass front cabinets, it would be hidden most of the time.  But I would still know it was there!

Mounted animal heads??

Okay, this is one of those items that will be polarizing…  You’ll either love it (me) or you’ll hate it (him), but I seriously die over this glossy white deer head, like this one from Z Gallerie.  Does anything scream “Modern Adirondack” any more than this??!  Ahhh, I want it over my fireplace immediately, but it ain’t happenin’, folks.  When I showed it to some other friends, they pretty much all hated it too.

He’s not all that bad though. 🙂  There have been a few things he’s let me have (I’ll share them in another post) and they’ve all worked out better than he thought… so I’m not necessarily giving up on these three!


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