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Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Over the past year and a half, we’ve pretty much done anything major that has needed to be done in all our common areas.  The bathroom got paint, new flooring, new medicine cabinet and some paint on the vanity/shelving.  The living room and dining room both got fresh paint.  All that’s really left is the kitchen.  We got new hardware for the cabinets pretty  much right away and finally picked out a paint color and got that on the walls (though we’re not in love with it).  But still, there is major work to be done in that space.  We need new floors, counters and a sink as well as some additional work space that will come in the form of an island… thank God for IKEA!

Here is our working “mood board” for the kitchen.

I’m absolutely dying for cork floors but I don’t know if we can make them fit in the budget.  They aren’t terribly expensive, but at roughly 3x the price of vinyl or linoleum, it may not be something we can do.  My goal is always to stay true to bungalow style while also being as eco-friendly as possible.  Because of that, we might end up choosing two neutral shade linoleum tiles and laying them out in a checkerboard pattern.  We also are incorporating a lot of natural wood (the island top and countertops will both be butcher block).  I’m hoping it will have a cottage feel but with some modern touches, like the stainless appliances and chrome baker’s rack and cart.

Check out these gorgeous cork floors!

Cork checkerboard

Cork checkerboard

Gorgeous cork pattern

Gorgeous cork pattern

Cork cork cork!

Cork cork cork!

We still have not decided on a backsplash — The Man likes 1″ glass tiles, but I feel like it’s so overdone.  I would like to incorporate some color though, and am considering colored subway tile or 1×3″  tiles, like this

Cameron Tile backsplash

Cameron Tile Works Backsplash

Susan Jablon Designs

Susan Jablon Designs Backsplash

Decisions, decisions.  What would you do?


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  1. We have that faucet in our house. 🙂 Nice blog!!


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