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Triple Jump Pizza

Tuesday night is family dinner night at my house… my mom, sister-in-law and nephew come over while my brother works his second job and Andy works his “second job” (i.e., training for IronMan).  I cook dinner and we have a good time.  I’m hoping to share our meals with you every Tuesday — that will be a good incentive for me to come up with some new dinner ideas!

I’m always on the lookout for healthy recipes that mimic stuff we love to eat and this pizza fits the bill perfectly.  Andy is an avid Runner’s World reader and he came across the recipe a few years ago.  We’ve been making it ever since.

Check out Runner’s World’s Triple Jump Pizza here.  We usually leave out the provolone cheese, but only because we don’t typically have it in the house.

Here’s my favorite recipe for Whole Wheat Pizza Dough in the bread machine:

1 tsp honey or agave

1 Tbsp olive oil

1 1/2 cups hot water

3 1/4 cups whole wheat flour

1 tsp salt

1 Tbsp active yeast

Throw it all in the bread machine on the dough setting and in an hour and a half you have dough!  If you don’t have a bread machine and want the rest of the recipe, I’m sure I could be persuaded  to dig it out for you.

Yum, yum, eat it up!

Triple Jump Pizza



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