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Solitary Adventures

Andy and I were up in Lake Placid a few weekends ago so he could do a full ride on the IMLP bike course (all 112 miles of it!)  We always have such a nice time up there, and as I had most of Saturday to myself while he was riding, I was able to do some things on my own.

I stopped by 3 garage sales and found a few little treasures to bring home.  Probably my favorite purchase of the day was this set of Haviland Limoges china dessert plates.  Six beautiful little treasures for $5!

Haviland Limoges

Haviland Limoges

I saw so much nice glassware, china, crystal, etc, but the only other thing I came home with was an adorable set of blue milk glass dessert bowls.  They are just darling and I can’t wait to use them for something!

Milk Glass

Milk Glass

I hit up a couple antique stores as well — one of them had true antique pieces, and if I had several thousand extra dollars to my name I would have easily come home with an early 1900s Craftsman desk, two Mission-style rockers and the most beautiful antique dresser I have ever seen.  The other store had some more budget-friendly items (of which I only brought home a 12 1/2″x12 1/2″ wooden milk crate to start my collection for this bookshelf that I saw on Pinterest (thanks, Rachel!) Sidenote: If you’re a member of Pinterest, follow me here!

Vintage Crate Bookshelf

I also found the most gorgeous vintage clutch — black velvet beaded with white and green crystals and green and red beads — it was really amazing, but the price tag forced me to walk away… Ah, to be rich and carefree 🙂

The triathletes-in-training were out in full force this weekend and it started getting me (and of course, Andy) excited about Ironman LP which is now only a few weeks away.  It was nice to enjoy a little time in our favorite weekend getaway spot while it was still relatively quiet for the summer and the throngs of racers and families are still at home.  The next time we go will be very different.  We had a nice dinner at  Great Adirondack Steak and Seafood, a place we’ve seen a million times but have never tried during any of our visits.  And of course, we stopped by Big Mountain Creperie and Deli before we left (we affectionately call it “The Creperie” and in fact, I didn’t even know it’s actual name until I looked at the receipt this weekend!)  They have the most delicious sandwiches (46 of them — named for the Adirondack high peaks) as well as sweet and savory crepes and salads, smoothies, and breakfast sandwiches.  We stop by at least once during every trip to LP.

As much as I love and cherish my time with Andy and as much as I look forward to time with my favorite girls, there’ s just something special about spending time with yourself, doing the things that you love.


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