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T-3 days to Ironman

Well, we arrived safe and sound in Lake Placid last night around 7:45 pm.  Check in to the hotel was nice and easy and after unloading TWO luggage carts full of stuff, we were in the room and ready to unpack.  I unpacked almost immediately and set about to organizing this space that we will call home for a week.  Andy started making something to eat (we brought cold cuts and rolls … we are definitely doing everything we can to save money considering how much we’ve paid thus far) and after we ate we went and spent some time relaxing in the pool, hot tub and steam room.

We woke up today to a clear blue Adirondack sky and already warm temperatures.  After eating, Andy went for a training swim with his wetsuit in Mirror Lake while I got ready for the day.  An hour later he was back and we were ready to go out for the day.

Task #1 for today was for Andy to check-in for the race and pick up his goody bag, chip, athlete info and all that good stuff.  Something they do at Ironman which I’ve never seen at any of his other races is weigh the athletes at check-in.  I guess they do this in case you need medical attention for dehydration (or overhydration)… they can compare your weight in the medical tent with your starting weight.  Though I guess it’s not at all uncommon to lose 7-8 pounds during the race!  (Note to self:  Do an Ironman this weekend.)

They give you a little blue wristband to wear all weekend (you can’t take it off until after the race) so that you can be identified as a competitor (for things like getting into the pre-race dinner, which is free for athletes).  I like it because now I don’t have to guess who is competing… there are definitely Ironpeople everywhere!

Our second task was to hit up the Ironman Store in the Ironman Village and buy some Ironman apparel.  I bought a couple things for myself, including one to wear on race day and Andy bought an Ironman LP bike jersey.  He saved that bulk of his purchase allotment though, because on the Monday after the race they sell all the official Ironman Finisher apparel.

Andy pointing to his name at the Ironman Expo

After successfully completing our two tasks for the day, we came back to the hotel and spent some time at the little beach on the lake.  It was very hot outside, but such a nice day that it almost felt a shame to spend it inside in the AC all day!  Andy sat on the beach and read, trying to stay out of the sun as much as possible.  I think both to protect his skin (which already has tons of color from riding his bike outside for months now, even though he’s diligent about his sunscreen!) and to conserve his energy, since we all know how much being in the hot sun can suck it right out of you.  I, on the other hand, wanted desperately to be in the sun and water, so I took a kayak out on the lake.  It was really perfect, the water was pretty calm and there was a slight breeze.  For those who haven’t been to Lake Placid, the village itself is actually on Mirror Lake and there are no motorized vehicles allowed in the lake at all, so it’s pretty serene all summer long.

At the beach!

After the beach we met up with Andy’s parents and brother for dinner for a belated birthday celebration for his dad…. we all had good Mediterranean food at Nicola’s on Main.  We walked around town some more and did some shopping before heading our separate ways back to our hotels for the night.

Now I’m here trying (unsuccessfully) to finish up an assignment for school while Andy gets some beauty sleep.  We haven’t turned on the TV at all yet, which I consider a success!

On the agenda for tomorrow is some hardcore relaxation by the lake.  Andy’s planning on staying off his feet for the next two days to really rest up as much as possible for Sunday.  Fine by me!


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