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T-1 Day to Ironman!!

Not much to report today — a lazy day overall.  Andy did 15 minutes on the bike this morning and then a 15 minute run, just to keep his muscles loose.  After that he said goodbye to his bike and packed up all his bike and run gear to bring over to the transition area.  He’ll get to see it again tomorrow any time from 5-6:30 am to get everything completely situated.

I worked on my assignment for school pretty much all day (still working on it now…) with a 3 hour break for my IM volunteer shift at 5 this evening.  We basically just took inventory of all the different brands of bikes, wheels, pedals, components, etc on ALLLL the bikes in the transition area.  I made sure I did the row that Andy’s bike was in so I could leave him a little note of encouragement.  Hopefully he sees it!

The Little Road Bike that Could

There were a LOT of fancy bikes out there, and Andy’s is pretty simple.  I’ve heard it said that it’s not the bike that makes a difference, but the person on it, so let’s hope that holds true tomorrow.  We all know Andy’s a really strong runner and doesn’t need anything more than a pair of sneakers to smoke everyone on the course.

Andy took it easy for the rest of the day… normally I’d make fun of him for going to bed at 8 pm, but he’s got a pretty big day ahead of him.  He’s still not nervous, though he is worried that he won’t sleep much tonight with all the energy and adrenaline that is pumping through his body.  I hope he gets more than he anticipates, because 4:30 am will be here before we know it.

I will be up with him in the morning, though I’m still up now finishing up school work and then I’ll hit the sack.

For those of you who would like to track Andy’s progress tomorrow, he is bib #1021 and you can track and follow live at starting at 6 am.  The race starts at 7 am, though we’re hoping Andy will be done around 7 pm or so.  That website has live coverage as well as a tool to track an athlete’s pace, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers!  And me too, because spectating Ironman has been compared to watching the slowest, longest parade! 🙂

Tomorrow’s a big day!!


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  1. Candice – hope you and Andy both have an awesome day tomorrow! I cannot even imagine trying to do something like this!


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